The Marist Heart

We were approached by a significant Marist Brothers College in Perth WA to design and manufacture a bespoke Religious Heart to commemorate the Bicentenary of the Order in Australia. This concept of a Religious Heart was established by the founder of the Marist Order, Marcellin Champagnat, in 1817 and the heart is a symbol of dedication and religious service undertaken by the Marist Brothers.

T&S designed a large (260W x 100D x 530H mm), rhodium plated, Marist Heart with a stand for display purposes and also a commemorative miniature Marist Heart (36W x 10D x 80H mm).

We have since been working with the Marist Brothers National Order, based in Mascot NSW, making these bespoke products available to all Marist Brothers’ Schools and Colleges Australia-wide.

Small Marist Heart

Large Marist Heart


Mayoral Chain for the City of Canterbury Bankstown

Located south-west of the CBD, the City of Canterbury Bankstown is a dynamic and vibrant area of Sydney, full of fantastic food, unique shops, and diverse cultures.

T&S was approached by a representative of the City of Canterbury Bankstown to design and craft a new bespoke mayoral chain. Our design team was granted the creative freedom to conceive something truly exceptional for the city, with the only required feature being the city’s iconic logo and crest. Given the crest’s primarily gold colouring and blue accents it was clear that a gold-plated chain would be the perfect starting point.

Engaging in thoughtful discussions about the city’s aspirations, requirements, budget, and timeline, our design team set to work, producing a range of imaginative concepts. After careful consideration and valuable feedback, the most captivating design was chosen, and subtle adjustments were made to perfect the design. The result was nothing short of extraordinary – an exquisite 24-carat gold-plated chain, featuring meticulously etched links, artfully integrated blue accent pieces, the city’s cherished crest, and a distinguished centerpiece.

We were proud to present this new mayoral chain to the mayor knowing that it will stand as an enduring symbol of excellence, embodying the heritage and vision of the City of Canterbury Bankstown for generations to come.

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